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The 2011 Train Event…

seen through the photographs and description of 2011 Train Event participant, Geri Turchet

CAPT’s Two Day “Group of Seven & Glenn Gould Train Event” 2011 was an amazing, beautiful and fun trip.  The weather was spectacular, the scenery was awe-inspiring and the fellow passengers were friendly.  It was the 93rd Anniversary of the Group of Seven painting along the Algoma Central Railway line.












We started out from Sault Ste. Marie, ON (“the Soo”) onboard the Algoma Central Railway and made our way into the wilderness through the trees and along side small lakes to Searchmont Ski Resort.












We departed the train and over lunch, learned about the 2011 feature Group of Seven artist, Lawren Harris, presented by Michael Burtch, researcher and art historian.  He gave us a slide show that superimposed photographs of today’s Algoma landscape onto pictures of Group of Seven art work, demonstrating that the scenes depicted in the art have been identified as actual Algoma locations. (Note: sketches made by J.E.MacDonald from near the A.C.R. location below were used for the iconic painting, The Solemn Land, 1921.)

The One Day trippers stayed behind after lunch to participate in art classes or guided nature walks followed by refreshments and live music and finally a bus trip back to the Soo. The rest of us were taken up Highway 17 on-board a luxury bus for our overnight in Wawa, ON. We saw Lake Superior along the way at various points and stopped in Lake Superior Provincial Park to visit the beautiful beaches of the largest fresh-water lake in the world!




































In Wawa we stayed at The Wawa Motor Inn (where Glenn Gould used to stay when in the North Country.)  Following dinner at the Rock Island Lodge on Lake Superior Dale Innes, musicologist and Algoma University professor gave us an audiovisual presentation about the celebrated Canadian pianist and composer, Glenn Gould. Gould had regularly visited Wawa throughout his life to enjoy serenity and scenery (peace and quiet).  The next day our bus took us to some of Glenn Gould’s favourite great outdoor scenic haunts.























After lunch we boarded the train just outside of Wawa and started our journey back to the Soo, traveling through Group of Seven country, the Agawa Canyon, through more amazing spectacular scenery.



































Throughout the Two Day train ride our art guide, Michael Burtch, pointed out scenes of interest.  From time to time he held up large reproductions of Group of Seven art pieces and pointed out the actual locations along the rail line where these pieces had been painted in the early 1900’s. These locations still exist today–in the pristine Algoma wilderness of Northern Ontario, Canada!


Comments and Recommendations from 2012 Two Day Train Event participants

What where the best aspects of Two Day Event?

– excellent – highly reasonable cost, outstanding food, wonderful atmosphere created

– It was a jam-packed, very enjoyable trip. Information provided was very enlightening; food was great, accommodations nice, a wonderful weekend.

– riding the train, magnificent, breathtaking landscapes; Michael and Dale’s passionate, informative and personal commentaries

– fabulous train ride with views of the various areas where artists camped and did their drawings

– Wawa Motor Inn stay was great, we are grateful to Dale for the Glenn Gould introduction and walking in his footsteps to see, first-hand his sources of inspiration

– excellent commentary by Michael Burtch as we travelled from Hawk Junction to Sault Ste. Marie, excellent booklet and weekend events

– Tours of the Glenn Gould nature spots were superb; the train ride with painting spots pointed out was fantastic, learning about Bethune and the coincidence of relatives in the group

– Enjoyed the day and tour immensely, will see you next year for the same.

– information on Group of Seven on train, Magpie Falls and Sandy Beach, Agawa Canyon

– Scenery along the way, presentations, learned information which sparked interest to learn more, the beautiful location of Rock Island Lodge, the presentation showing the location of painting done by the group of seven, can barely wait for the book

– sights, sounds, food, fun and information, finding out how much a lot of us were connected in various ways

– breakfast at motel, tours following in Glenn Gould’s footsteps, viewing the grandeur of the hills and valleys of Algoma from the train while listening to Michael’s presentation

– Linda’s and CAPT’s effort and passion to save the rail is inspiring and hopeful.  Small steps!

– Really enjoyed it- thank you for looking after all the little things (snack, coffee, tea) – much appreciated

– Excellent, thank you. Your support of art and rail is well directed and worthwhile

– Well-done folks.  I don’t know how you did all the food, transportation and lodging on such a price. Incredible value for the cost!


What would you changs/recommend for next year’s Train Event?

– Stopping at the Trading Post/ Canadian Carver was a little long; maybe a washroom break was needed, but not half an hour.

– It was all good, the Friday night gathering/social helped to break the ice!

– more formal presentation on Group of Seven with slides and more Gould music.  The knowledge of Michael and Dale was hardly tapped, more please!

– Do a hike.

– Less bus travel and more experience, maybe do workshops in the morning.

– Let Two-Day participants do workshops. Would pay more for a three day that included workshops.

– more information about the techniques of the Group of Seven

– more Bethune, get a few more volunteers so you don’t have to work so hard, Gould music or video on the bus? More optional workshops for Two Day folks, reading list in advance

– maybe one extended play of a Glenn Gould piece so you can appreciate him.  Don’t assume we know him already! Two Day should have a workshop too. Enjoyed Dale’s research. Is there some way to get all the clips together on one DVD? Do you own the master?

– more information about Hawk Junction and where we could have had our lunch

– Nothing. We were celebrating our 10th anniversary, and it was wonderful!





























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